Independent Contractor Risk Assessment

Classifying an employee as an independent contractor can result in significant IRS fines and penalties.   It is important to make sure you classify your workers correctly.  We start this five part series by taking this risk assessment to see whether your workers should be classified as employees of independent contractors and your risk level of being caught and audited.  Once the short confidential assessment is complete you will see your results immediately.

Do you provide the worker with equipment, tools, or materials?
Can the worker quit at any time, without incurring liability?
Does the worker delegate tasks to someone else as opposed to doing it themselves?
Can you fire the worker?
Must the worker give you reports accounting for his or her actions?
Is the worker paid by the job?
Does the worker hire, supervise and pay their own assistants?
Does the worker pay his or her own travel costs?
Are the workers services so important to your business that they have become a necessary part of your business?
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